philosophical & strategic consulting
for individuals (16+),
good causes,
and progressive businesses
Welcome to the winding river

The winding river is an often helpful and fun metaphor for life. That's why I've chosen it as the name for my philosophical and strategic consulting service.        I hope you like it!

I offer philosophical and strategic consulting for individuals (16 and over), good causes, and progressive businesses. "That's quite a scope!", you might wonder. Well, yes and no. Given my background, as well as the important interrelationships among individuals, society, and institutions - all elements of the river in which we live - it makes great sense in some very helpful ways.

(Of course, my scope is focused in other ways. For example, I don't perform open heart surgery on individuals, nor do I provide accounting, legal, or financial services to businesses, progressive or otherwise.)   

If you are an individual, please visit the individuals page. If you have a good cause, visit the page for          good causes. If you own, lead, or help lead a progressive business, visit that page. After that, peeking at other pages is both welcome and encouraged! 

It will also be helpful to visit two other pages:             My background is described on the (you guessed it!)    my background page. And, helpful details such as fees, flexibility, confidentiality, scheduling, locations, contact information, and so forth are covered on the    details & contact info page.

Of course, the winding river is just a metaphor. By itself, it doesn't contain or provide "the answer". It merely provides a nice thematic umbrella within which real opportunities, challenges, and questions can be examined and addressed in real and helpful ways, using regular human conversation, and excellent thinking, and drawing on experience and wisdom, both yours and mine. That's the aim!        

Thank you very much for visiting.  Be Well, and Happy Journey!


Jeff Huggins
Los Gatos, California (San Francisco Bay Area)
February 2010