Jeff Huggins
Los Gatos, CA  95030 
jeff@thewindingriver.org  /  (408) 470-9739

Focus in the New Millennium

In recent years, I’ve been focusing on understanding human morality from the scientific and moral philosophical standpoints.  This has included identifying, exploring, and understanding the “common connective ground”—or “bridge”—between the scientific understanding of human morality and the vital philosophical considerations.

My findings have substantial implications for our understanding of human morality, the relevance of scientific understanding to moral philosophy, the relationship between science and philosophy, our understanding of the differences and relationships between ‘is’ and ‘ought’, and our understanding of the morality of sustainability.

I’ve also been working on the question of sustainability—including a grounded and robust moral case for sustainability—as well as on certain aspects of the climate change and energy issues.  And, as part of my work on morality and sustainability, I’ve also considered and clarified some central issues involving the science and practice of economics as they relate to sustainability and associated moral considerations.         

Author:  The Obligations Of Reason: Exploring the existence, nature, dynamics and implications of the Natural Moral System  (2006; self-published with iUniverse)

For a list of—and links to—my philosophical essays, papers, explanatory materials, and related items (all having to do with understanding human morality), click here:           Jeff's Papers 

Formal Education 

Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration, 1984-1986
MBA, Baker Scholar (top 5% of graduating class)   

The University of California at Berkeley, 1977-1981
Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering, with highest honors.  2nd in graduating class.  Delivered the commencement address, titled Life Beyond The Equation

Career Experiences 

The Institute For Play, 2002-2005
Managing Director of this very small non-profit focused on the science, roles, and benefits of human play.  The IFP has since been renamed the National Institute For Play.       

The Walt Disney Company, 1994-2001
A range of group management and executive roles culminating in Director roles having to do with live entertainment, new “guest experiences”, and other fun stuff in the theme parks, along with some new business assessments and planning.  I began at Disney as the head of the research and strategy group for the marketing and entertainment functions at Disneyland, and then went on to lead the research, strategy, new business, and planning activities for live entertainment within the theme parks more broadly, along with researching and planning new higher-tech-based guest experiences.       

Kransco Group Companies, 1990-1994
Product Manager, then Director of International Business Development.  I led the international business development and marketing activities for the largest product line in this highly successful, privately held toy and sporting goods company, which was sold to Mattel in 1994.  Kransco owned Wham-O and manufactured and marketed Wham-O products (Frisbee, Hula-Hoop, Slip ‘n Slide, etc.), Power Wheels electric ride-on vehicles, Morey Boogie Body Boards, Swim-Ways swimming pool products, and other brands.         

McKinsey & Company, 1986-1990
Associate and Engagement Manager.  Clients included Apple, Wells Fargo, PG&E, Porsche, Boise Cascade, Kaiser Aluminum, Greyhound, and others.   

Chevron Corporation, 1981-1984
Various research and process engineering roles at Chevron Research Company and in the Corporate Engineering Department.         

Other (prior to, and during, college)  
Worked in laboratory research for Eastman Kodak (two summers) and on a truck assembly line for Peterbilt Motors (two summers).  Earlier experiences in a pizza parlor and as a paperboy.      


Eagle Scout.  University of California Marching Band (four years).  Phi Beta KappaTau Beta Pi.  Eastman Kodak Scholar.  Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) scholarship.  Enjoy travel, Shakespeare, science, philosophy, and all kinds of music.