philosophical & strategic consulting
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good causes,
and progressive businesses
for good causes
My goal here is to help good causes bring about positive changes aimed at improving the human condition and achieving ecological health and sustainability—in ways that also result in the organization’s own sustainability.  

We’ll draw on my experiences and skills (see the        my background page), your own, and those of your organization—as your goals and situation require.

Clearly, organizations and efforts that support good causes are needed now more than ever before.  Not all is well in Denmark, so to speak.  Yet, the challenges facing such organizations and efforts are large.

Although the scope and aim of this brief summary are not to provide a recipe or pretend that there are all-encompassing solutions, I'd like to offer one contextual point that may provide some good news in many cases, to some degree:  Even as the challenges that face good-cause organizations are increasing in several ways, the "felt need" among substantial portions of the public to face and address our societal and ecological problems is strong and growing.  So, among other things, important parts of the task for any good-cause organization include understanding the problem that the organization aims to address, ideally at its roots and as well as possible; developing and implementing effective solutions and corresponding programs; raising awareness effectively; and tapping into the felt need of the public to address the problem in question.
If you lead, manage, or are involved in a good cause, please also read the for progressive businesses page.  Many of the points I mention on that page also apply, in different ways and degrees, to good causes. 

Work can be limited to discussions with you and/or your team or also include external research and analysis.  I can facilitate or contribute to internal sessions (e.g., strategy sessions, creative sessions, messaging sessions) or focus largely on external research, analysis, and corresponding suggestions.

Some Representative Areas:              

  • The moral/ethical, intellectual, and practical arguments for sustainability: the solid, comprehensive, and humane case for sustainability  
  • Motivating sustainability: understanding and appealing to genuine human needs, values, and desires that sustainable choices fulfill: painting the real and motivating picture of the genuine personal rewards and benefits of making sustainable choices
  • Developing sustainable, healthy, and just public policy
  • The philosophy, strategies, policies, and tactics of sustainability
  • The economics of sustainability, and sustainable economics 
  • Understanding and addressing climate change, and shaping the energy future
  • Achieving cooperation among related good causes
  • Understanding and addressing foundational problems having to do with the too-large and imbalanced influence of money on the media, politics, and education 
  • The ethical, wise, and necessary roles of scientists and scientific organizations in cases where scientific and technological factors play large roles in substantial public problems
  • Creative and bold thinking in support of vital good causes
  • Evolution and revolution            
  • Making good causes work 

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