philosophical & strategic consulting
for individuals (16+),
good causes,
and progressive businesses
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Fees — Fees will vary based on the following considerations:

  • client type—individual, non-profit, or business
  • the nature of the project (for an organization)
  • the value of my help to you, as you perceive it
  • your situation, and affordability  

My goal is to offer you great value of the sort that would be hard to find anywhere else.  I work as an individual, with very low overhead.  And, I'm genuinely interested in these projects and making it all work for you—if you are an individual, have a good cause, or lead a progressive business (or a business that wants to become more progressive).  And of course, the most important aims of my work are overall quality, the quality of insights and ideas, and the overall positive impact we're able to achieve.

In a nutshell, my goal is to help you achieve great progress, according to your own goals and situation, at a very affordable price.           

For individuals, my fee will be substantially less than fees normally charged by lawyers, therapists, and related services.  Typically, my fee will fall in a range comparable to that of private tutors, good music instructors, and hair stylists.  Sessions will normally last an hour.   

For non-profit causes, fees will depend on your situation and on the nature of the project.  They'll reflect your non-profit status and the tight times we're in.     

For businesses, fees will be multiples less than those normally charged by conventional high-caliber business consultancies.  My goal is to offer a highly attractive value, to you, if you are grappling with the sorts of issues and opportunities mentioned on this site.
In all cases, please contact me, and my goal will be to offer a fee that’s attractive and that suits your situation and needs well.     

Length of relationship — Anything from one discussion to an ongoing consulting relationship.  Appointments can be scheduled “as needed” or on a periodic schedule. 

For companies and other organizations, the scope could involve single sessions, short engagements, or longer engagements, depending on your needs.      

Trial philosophy — For individuals, I’d be happy to meet with you for a half-hour or so, for free, to get acquainted and as a “trial session”.  Such a session can help you decide, at your convenience, whether my services will likely be helpful to you.

For non-profit organizations and businesses that might be interested in a consulting arrangement of any sort, I’d be happy to spend time with you, in advance, to discuss your situation and help you understand my background and the ways in which I can help.             

Style — Interactive and conversational. Genuine. Informal. Sometimes light-hearted (when appropriate). Generally focused on your aims and on enhancing the wisdom with which you define and pursue them.   

Confidentiality — All discussions will be treated confidentially, of course. 

Location — Sessions can be at my place, your place, or in a public place such as a park or quiet cafe—whatever suits your needs and makes you most comfortable.  I don’t have an office away from home.    (I live about a mile from downtown Los Gatos.)     

Accreditation — I’m not a psychotherapist, licensed or otherwise.  Nor am I an attorney.  I can't fly the Space Shuttle.  Nor can I do electrical work, provide pest control, or do anything else that requires a special license.  (I am an Eagle Scout, however!)  My qualifications, experiences, and credentials are listed on the my background page.    .     

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To Reach Me ...  

via e-mail:
(my normal preference)  

via phone:  (408) 470-9739
(if better for you)
(408) 470-9739

Please note: In order to counsel or consult to a young adult of age 16 or 17, I'll need written permission from her/his parents.
Please also note: People with suicidal thoughts or tendencies, or in deep depression, should seek trained expert help regarding those issues.  I am not qualified to effectively address those situations.   
Two Important Notes For People Interested In Individual Counseling / Consulting