philosophical & strategic consulting
for individuals (16+),
good causes,
and progressive businesses
for individuals                                (all phases of life, ages 16+)

Focusing on your hopes, dilemmas, questions, and goals, we’ll apply experience and insights—yours and mine—to shed light on matters important to you and explore paths forward. 

  • To help you understand, examine, clarify, and achieve your own meaningful aims
  • To help you gain a better understanding of the aspects of the winding river of life most relevant to you
  • To provide insights regarding educational and career paths, industries, and challenges with which I have direct experience (to the degree they’re relevant to you)       

I provide a sounding board, well of diverse experiences, brainstorming partner, “wise counsel”, and connection to materials—all in addition to those of your spouse, best friend, business partner, and stylist.  Because I’m independent, I can offer independent thinking and perspective.    

The questions, challenges, and hopes you’d like to address may already be clear to you—or maybe not.  They may be on the tip of your tongue—or buried inside.  They might involve very specific challenges or choices—or they might be more "existential" in nature.  Of course, your questions will likely depend on “where you are” in life.  Or, perhaps they’re quite general.  Either way is fine.

As Socrates is often paraphrased, the unexamined life is not worth living.  Although one interpretation of this may sound harsh, what he seems to have meant is both positive and rich.  In any case, there’s little doubt that— usually—healthy examination can help make life more meaningful, productive, fulfilling, and enjoyable.    

What is philosophical can usually be made concrete—and applied.  Philosophy means love of wisdom, and wisdom has to do with living life well.  Although some answers may forever be blowin’ in the wind, it’s often wise, self-enlightening, and fruitful to try to understand life, understand yourself, and be an informed author of your own life.     

Focusing on what matters to you, we’ll draw from experiences and insights of yours, mine, and others.  I’ve summarized many aspects of my own life’s journey so far (I’m 51) on the my background page—including life experiences, education, career experience, and a few philosophical thoughts.  Unless you’re from outer space, there’s a fairly good chance I’ve been in a situation at least somewhat relevant to yours and/or explored vital questions similar to yours.   

So, if you’d like a discussion partner, sounding board, and someone who will try to help, you know where you can reach me: 

via e-mail:  

via phone:  (408) 470-9739    

Please note: In order to counsel or consult to a young adult of age 16 or 17, I'll need written permission from her/his parents. 
Please also note: People with suicidal thoughts or tendencies, or in deep depression, should seek trained expert help regarding those issues.  I am not qualified to effectively address those situations.