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Life Beyond The Equation 
If you've found this page, you are either healthfully inquisitive and/or you asked me for more info about my background.  In either case, welcome!
That said, please understand that this is an "informal" page, not well produced, and purposefully tucked away.  It's here because some people ask me for a bit more information in support of one or more aspects of my background, and the web allows me to post a few things here, for easy access, rather than to mail stuff around.  It's easy and also saves time.  But, please don't expect anything professional, produced, polished, pretty, or poetic about this page.  Thanks!      
The stuff below is shown in approximate reverse chronological order.  I've included a comment here or there just to let you know what each thing is.  But, of course, these pictures are not intended to replace my CV.  You'll get clearer descriptions from the CV or, of course, feel free to ask me any questions.   Thanks for your understanding,  Jeff
This is a picture of my book.  I self-published it in 2006, using iUniverse.  You can get it via Amazon, iUniverse, and most other online bookstores. 
To go to my website having to do with human morality (from the standpoint of a combination of science and reasoning, or moral philosophy), click here:

To see a list of my more recent explanatory materials, essays, and online papers, and links to them, click here:   Jeff's Papers  
One of the problems that concerns me is global warming.  Here are pictures of my "350" hat.  The scientists James Hansen and Stephen Schneider were both kind enough to sign the underside for me, Dr. Hansen on the padding and Dr. Schneider on the bill.     
Just two items to illustrate my time at Disney. 

Of course, I was a Disney fan long before I joined Disney.  When I was very young, I saw Walt once when he participated in parades at Disneyland.

Walt was a wonderful and humane genius, and when he died in the 1960s, the world lost an amazing, imaginative, visionary, inspiring person.         
Just an item to illustrate my time in the toy industry.  (I did not do this particular ad.)

More recently (though still several years ago), as part of the Institute For Play, I consulted to Mattel. 

Although I enjoyed, and learned much from, my years in the toy industry, I've learned much since then.     
A picture of my copy of the book "Perspective on McKinsey", written long ago by former long-time McKinsey leader, and consulting legend, Marvin Bower.  When I was a member of the firm, McKinsey would give a copy of the book to new associates.  (They may still, I don't know.)  
My diploma from Harvard (Harvard Business School), including the Baker Scholar designation. 
I worked for Chevron Research Company, and Chevron's corporate engineering department, while I was in the oil industry from 1981 to 1984.

These are my offer letters for jobs with Chevron (the job I accepted), Exxon, and Shell. 

I realized recently, while looking at these offers, with some historical interest (in hindsight), that my Exxon offer was to work in their production division in their "Prudhoe Bay Unit Project Management Group", and my Shell offer involved moving to New Orleans.      
Go Bears!

I was at the Big Game in 1982, the day of "The Play" (Nov. 20, 1982).  If you don't know about, or remember, "The Play", you can see it here:  The Play!   or, with more lead-up context, here: The Play! With Prior Downs  
My U.C. Berkeley diploma, with Highest Honors.   
We all have various interests and tastes. 

I love a wide variety of music, ranging all over the place, and I also love great poetry and "philosophy put to music".

The most recent time I saw Bob Dylan was at the Santa Barbara Bowl ... an amazing concert.  The first time was at the old Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, in the mid 1970s.

If you enjoy Led Zeppelin, check out this brief and very rare clip from their appearance at Kezar Stadium in 1973.  I'm there, somewhere in that crowd.  It was my first concert, when I was 14.
Led Zeppelin at Kezar Stadium